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2021 Conference

Future of Asia

With the rise of Asia’s heft and power in the global economy, the Asian Century is set to begin. As Asia rides the wave of technological innovations in this new era of disruption, the question is not how leaders are shaping the future of Asia, but how Asia will lead and shape the future of the world.

35+ Speakers From:
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Subir Lall

Deputy Director of Middle East and Central Asia

International Monetary Fund

35+ speakers from:

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The Asia Business Conference (ABC) is the longest student-run conference in North America focused on Asia business. For 30 years, the landmark conference has brought leaders of multinational companies and organizations to the University of Michigan's Stephen M. Ross School of Business to discuss business landscape and trends in the Asian markets. Some notable speakers from previous conferences included C-level executives at General Motors, Nike, Morgan Stanley, Google, BCG, and Nomura. Through networking sessions and panel discussions, the annual event provides excellent opportunities for attendees to connect with speakers.

Special Thanks to 
Prof. Emeritus Gunter Dufey

Prof. Emeritus Gunter Dufey has been one of the greatest contributors to Asia Business Conference over the years, and the conference organizing committee truly appreciates his generosity in supporting higher education. Asia Business Conference is very grateful to receive Prof. Emeritus Gunter Dufey's support. 

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