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The Global MBA Program at Ross was established for the unique purpose of nurturing cutting edge knowledge and leadership development for those whose education is sponsored by their employer. Since its inception in 1992, over 1,000 elite managers have taken advantage of this great learning opportunity. 


The Ross Global MBA is a full-time cohort-based MBA that provides an immersive MBA experience in just 16 months by eliminating the internship typically offered to those who are pursuing an MBA with the intent to change companies or industries. For those who have careers to return to after their studies, the Ross Global MBA is exactly what’s needed. Participants in our program have an average of 7-8 years of work experience before joining, placing us between an Executive MBA and a traditional 2-year MBA.


Participants develop valuable new contacts, interact with global business leaders, and enhance their leadership skills. The Ross Global MBA features a rigorous curriculum, taught by world-class faculty, which incorporates action-based learning and culminates in the Michigan Ross MBA degree that’s valued and admired around the world.


The Center functions as an active community of faculty, students, and visiting research scholars. Since its inception in 1990 with generous gifts from Mitsui Life Insurance Company, the Center has rapidly expanded its influence and reputation in the support and dissemination of academic research in financial economics. In 1994 a gift from Nippon Telegraph and Telephone (NTT) allowed us to offer even greater research support to our faculty.

The Center holds annual symposiums in Ann Arbor, Michigan, as well as in Tokyo, Japan, and provides research support for faculty and doctoral students through our sponsored Mitsui Finance Seminars, NTT Fellowships, Mitsui Distinguished Visiting Scholar program, weekly finance reading groups, and data acquisitions.

As the BBA student government, we serve to further the mission of the Stephen M. Ross School of Business by representing the needs and interests of undergraduate business school students, promoting undergraduate student involvement in the school, providing a liaison between the student body and the Ross administration, and driving positive change through learning and evolving to meet the needs of our core constituents while also serving the greater University of Michigan community in which we operate.

Founded In 1961, the Center for Southeast Asian Studies (CSEAS) at the International Institute is one of the oldest centers in the U.S. devoted to the Southeast Asian region. CSEAS seeks to promote a broader and deeper understanding of Southeast Asia, its people, histories, practices, and languages. The center is committed to creating a supportive environment where scholars, educators, students, and community members have the opportunity to engage in dialogue related to Southeast Asia. As a designated National Resource Center by the U.S. Department of Education, CSEAS supports the teaching on several languages designated as areas of national need, and are of increasing importance in today's work force.

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The Paton Accounting Center at the University of Michigan, Stephen M. Ross School of Business honors the legacy of U-M Professor William A. Paton, a giant in the history of U.S. accounting education, by inspiring and supporting future generations of accountants to continue to transform the field through innovative work and research.

Established in 2015, Michigan Ross China Initiatives facilitates transformative student experiences, empowers breakthrough faculty research, and promotes successful partnerships with leading Chinese research institutions, companies, and alumni. Ross China Initiatives promotes greater learning within the student and scholarly community about this important region and economy, builds networks and partnerships between the University of Michigan community and Chinese organizations, and fosters greater global impact with Michigan Ross’ partners in China. In addition to supporting global immersion experiences in China, Ross China Initiatives help to facilitate partnerships for student internships, Ross Executive Education, and student-led projects that connect business leaders with aspiring students and local professionals to generate discourse on the business landscape in Asia. With Michigan Ross’ continued commitment to China through Ross China Initiatives, the school has become a strong platform for prominent business leaders to share their knowledge with the world in the form of conferences and talks.

The Nam Center for Korean Studies at the University of Michigan International Institute encourages social, political, cultural, and economic understanding of Korea in the U-M community and beyond. Through its students, faculty, and ambitious public programming, the center seeks to increase the depth and breadth of resources devoted to Korean studies.

The U-M Center for Japanese Studies (CJS) serves as a home to students, faculty from a variety of disciplines and professional schools, visiting artists and scholars, and community organizations pursuing Japan-related interests and activities. Founded in 1947, CJS is the oldest interdisciplinary center in North America devoted exclusively to Japanese Studies.

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